With many questions being raised on artificial intelligence, the need to highlight the effect it has on generation 2030 is inevitable.

History tells us that major technological waves have often disrupted labor markets, but also created jobs in aggregate, because of the wealth they created. AI may follow the same pattern. With many AI focused companies giving assurance of a positive relationship between AI and Job creation, there’s also the question of how well the educational system is ready for the wave when it becomes more practical to the masses as well as how it will affect blue- and white-collar jobs and the skills shift for these jobs.

Thought leaders and scientists largely agree on the confluence of forces that have advanced artificial intelligence: the rise of big data, the emergence of powerful GPUs for complex computations and the re-emergence of a decades-old AI computation model—deep learning. What are the catalysts for the next wave of innovation?

With speakers and experts from different fields of operations in society, we will be taking a look at SDG 4,7,8 and 17 and the positive and negative role AI plays in getting to these goals. 

This year's speakers, workshop facilitators and keynote speakers are social innovators that are making changes in the Danish society through artificial Intelligence, Sustainable development and Business development. 


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