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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not new to AIESEC. As a global platform for the development of youth, AIESEC has since 1948 provided opportunities to over 1,000,000 young people to gain cross-cultural experiences and work for SDGs (especially SDGs 4,5,8,10 and 17). Volunteers contribute through participating in various tasks, such as teaching broad range of subjects, spreading awareness towards equality, motivating people, doing partnerships and contributing to employment sectors with the intention to obtain economic growth. These tasks are performed in local educational sectors, companies, NGOs, and many more.

AIESEC does not only connect motivated young people with possibilities to volunteer abroad, but also in some instances apply for the sponsorship from companies to assist young social innovators willing to Live the Experience of Global Volunteering.. This includes their flight, accommodation and their project fee. Which enables young people to gain a wide range of experience despite their financial statuses. Such indifferent attitudes towards people, together with providing them equal opportunities are one of the fundamental steps towards successfully attaining Sustainable Development.

Volunteers have traveled abroad to work for SDGs around different parts of the world. AIESEC’s volunteer programs have only left these volunteers with life long valuable experiences, changing their perspectives towards life, appreciating small things and being motivated to take action. Furthermore, visiting another country/state or city and being part of their daily lifestyle has granted the volunteers an insight into the actual circumstances, which are vastly different from the stereotypes and media created images. Working for SDGs through AIESEC has been an eye-opener for many of the volunteers. It has enabled them to come up front with the role developed countries play in the challenges that the so-called “under-developed” countries are facing today.

AIESEC has been encouraging young people to come out of their comfort zone in order to make an impact on their own lives as well as the others. Global volunteering program follows a journey from experiencing cultural shock upon arrival, to taking actions towards sustainable development and coming home with a wide range of experiences. However, the journey of working for SDGs does not stop here, because although the problems in the “under-developed” countries appear to be more prominent, the developed countries still have a long way to go. We all are responsible for what we leave for the next generations and to take action!



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